Why Dar El Salam?

We are the World's Largest Privately-Owned Hajj Company, established over 30 years ago and have served over 50,000 pilgrims. We are the Hajj company repeatedly chosen by thousands of pilgrims year upon year and our exclusive offerings make your Hajj a worry-free and spiritually uplifting experience - a truly memorable journey of a lifetime.

Second to None!

Our Exclusive campsite in Mina and Arafat

We believe that our exclusive services during the Hajj days are unique and second to none.


Location, Location, Location: Our Mina camp, in the exclusive area of Mina, is one of the closest camps to the access point for the Jamarat Bridge, taking only a few minutes walk and making the stoning ritual very easy.  This is in stark contrast to other groups, located in the regular North American section that is approximately an hour long walk each way.


Facilities:  We renovate the facilities for our camps from the ground up to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained.  Watch the videos below exhibiting our facilities.


Focus point:  We offer a variety of quality hot meals catered from the best companies. Our hot and cold drink stations throughout the camps are available 24/7 to ensure you are adequately hydrated in the hot weather.


Focus point: We have a team of dedicated cleaning staff on site to ensure that facilities remain clean.


Focus point: We have best person to bathroom ratio among North American and UK pilgrims, including attendants in the bathroom to keep it clean and ensure ample supplies

Al-Mashaer Train Service

We use the Al-Mashaer Train Service allowing journeys between the various Hajj sites that would previously take us hours upon hours being reduced to minutes.  This makes one of the most arduous aspects of Hajj so much easier

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"I really have no words to thank all of you enough for the outstanding and amazing services and help since we thought to join for Hajj with you until we came back home."


A Customer-Centric Organization with Around 150 Dedicated and Experienced Staff

We are a customer-centric organization that focuses on delivering the best and most spiritually uplifting Hajj experiences.  We focus on you so that you can focus on your Hajj.  Our dedicated and experienced team takes care of everything from the moment you book to the moment you return.


Focus point: We have dedicated and experienced group leaders with optimum group leader to pilgrim ratio to ensure care for each pilgrim.


Focus point: We take 40 experienced female staff to ensure that the needs of our female pilgrims are taken care of.


Focus point: We have general physicians to offer medical advice in case of illness during trip.


Focus point: We take 150 staff to ensure that every aspect of your journey of a lifetime is taken care of and made as easy as possible. Additionally we employ around 230 staff locally to support our operations and logistics to enhance the worry-free experience for you.


"JazakAllahu khairan for making this trip even better than I could have imagined. By providing us with such a comfortable and convenient experience, you allowed me to focus on my ibadah."


A Strong Focus on Spiritual Development


Hajj is not simply a physical journey but a journey of the heart and soul. With this in mind, we have put strong emphasis on your spiritual development and have around 45 religious guides that deliver a variety of lectures and tours throughout the trip, as well as provide guidance in every step of the way during your Hajj.


Amongst our team (DST family) we have world renowned Imams and Shuykh, many of whom have studied at prestigious universities and travel the world with their inspirational seminars and lectures.


Focus point: Our qualified and experienced religious leaders are dedicated to each of our programs to lead you in rites & rituals of Hajj, in prayers, to give lectures and to answer your questions.


Focus point: We also deliver regular webinars before Hajj to help you prepare religiously and logistically. We also host several live, in-person seminars allowing you to meet some of the team members and your fellow pilgrims.


Focus point: Our various lectures and webinars include focus on women's issues to ensure our female pilgrims are supported and guided throughout the trip.


Focus point: We have an exclusive online forum with an extensive repository of information and where you can ask related questions, all from the comfort of your home. The forum also allows you to interact and network with your fellow pilgrims.

"We cannot thank you enough for making this such a wonderful and fun lifetime journey. There are no words that can describe the gratitude and the love we feel for all of you."


Designed with Additional Benefits

We have over 3 decades of experience which enables us to offer Hajj packages based on knowing what works well and what provides a spiritually fulfilling, memorable experience.


Focus point: We only use quality  hotels that are chosen based on our extensive experience.  All of our hotels are located very close to the Haramain, making access a lot easier.


Focus point: For selected packages, we offer additional accommodation during the Hajj days, in our exclusive furnished apartment building in an area called Shisha, which is close to our camp in Mina. This allows our pilgrims to benefit from greater comfort whilst still being able to fulfill the rites of Hajj in Mina.


Focus point: All of our ground transportation is on dedicated Dar El Salam air conditioned coaches.


Focus point: We transfer pilgrims’ checked luggage internally between Madinah, Makkah and Jeddah so they may travel with ease and comfort


Focus point: We provide assistance in case of medical emergency.  We have never left anyone behind due to medical or weather related emergencies.


Focus point: Our senior management team are on the ground with the pilgrims to manage any unforeseen issues that may arise during the trip.  They are the last ones to depart after Hajj.


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