Friday, November 18, 2011

available when needed.
 The group leaders were very helpful and patient with everybody.
However, one thing did not like (I was in group 3C) was that we did not have a sitting area to pray, read and even eat, so anytime food was served we had to take our food inside the sleeping area to eat, same for praying or reading.
Also, I expected to listen to more lectures during our stay in Mina, which was not the case, I don't know why? It would have been more helpful and inspiring if they organized some daily lectures in the area of group 3C (don't know if they had that in other group areas), explaining and teaching us more about significance of Hajj rituals.
Another point, is that it would have been also great if there were available buses to take people to do tawaf el ifadah directly after muzdalifah and not having to wait till midnight to take everybody. Some people took taxis and had very hard time coming back, they even got lost for hours before being able to get to back to Mina.
 Finally, thank you Dar el Salam for doing your best to make our Hajj trip peaceful and comfortable. Yes I would choose Dar El Salam again for Umrah or Hajj as I know how hard all their employees were struggling to make our journey comfortable! Thank you!

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