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    Explore Malaysia and Singapore! Two dynamic countries rich with a multitude of cultural backgrounds all for you to experience on this 9 day expedition with Dar El Salam Travel.
    An incredible combination of both bustling cities and exotic natural scenery is expected when venturing out to this iconic region. You will see the highest sky bridge in the world, world's oldest rainforest, beautiful islands and bountiful street food markets all present in one city. In the midst of these sights there is an extremely rich Islamic history apparent when visiting places such as the National Mosque or the Sultan Abdul Samad building, structures that exemplify classical Moorish architecture. Join Dar El Salam on this journey to a region in the far east, unique with its flourishing Islamic heritage and rich cultural diversity!
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    Dar El Salam is excited to present a journey to South America that will take you to extreme heights as you discover and learn about the Incan Empire with Ustadh Jameel Besada. From your visit to the ancient city of Machu Picchu located high in the Andes Mountains to exploring the Inca fortress in the Sacred Valley of Andean Highlands, we will introduce you to the best of what Peru has to offer. Join us on this 8-day expedition as we travel high and low and explore the city of Lima and Cusco. 
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    Valid to end of April

    Islam was brought into Egypt by the companion, 'Amr ibn Al 'As (RA) in 640 AD where under his leadership, the Byzantines were defeated and Islam spread into North Africa with the first mosque in the African continent built in Old Cairo. This was the land of the ancient pharaohs with their still existing majestic buildings such as the pyramids, the Sphinx and the temples – the land where Musa (May the Peace & Blessings be upon him) was granted victory over the pharaoh. Go explore the many popular destinations in Cairo, Luxor, cruise of the ancient Nile and more. Understand history and your Islamic Heritage …

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    Valid year round

    Islamic presence in China is as old as Islam itself. With over 1200 years of Sino-Islamic relations, ranging from the early da’wah efforts of the companion, Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas (ra), to the pioneering journeys of the greatest naval commander in Chinese history, Admiral Zheng He, to the fact that there are some millions of Muslims living in China today. Islam has rooted deeply in China through the centuries. Historical and cultural highlights, coupled with delicious Halal food in our itineraries, will deliver you a unique Muslim tour experience.

    Starting From $2,895

    Valid year round

    Come aboard the Celebrity Cruises® luxury ship and see the pristine beauty of Allahu Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala's wonderful creation. Embrace the Grandeur of Alaska! The cruise sails from Seattle, Washington on July 31 and returns on August 7. You will sail through the majestic Tracy Arm Fjord and cruise through the beautiful Alaska Inside Passage

    Starting From $1,475