On behalf of Hajj Moustafa Ahmed (CEO and Founder Dar El Salam Islamic World Travel), we are very pleased and honoured to announce that for Hajj 2019 we invite you to participate in Dar El Salam Foundation’s Annual Hajj Sponsorship Project.

Our mission as a company and a charitable foundation has always been to facilitate Hajj and bring people closer to Allah SWT. We have and continue to do this successfully for the Muslim communities of the USA and Canada and alhamdulillah, this year we are able to achieve this mission for the British Muslim community by sponsoring 30 FREE Hajj places – 15 Air & Land Places and 15 Land Only Places!

Please help us by nominating one deserving person (a British citizen) of your choice who would love to fulfill the dream of performing Hajj this year through the Foundation. The criteria for such a person should be:

  1. Financially unable to afford to go for Hajj.
  2. Physically and mentally healthy and able to care for self.
  3. Has character integrity.
  4. Practices the religion diligently.
  5. Male or female. If female, must be above the age of 45
  6. A contributor or an active member, serving the Muslim community in any capacity.

The Foundation will close the application registration process by Thursday 25th July 2019 at 23:59, to begin the selection process.

Please note the expected dates of travel are 3-5 August to 17-18 August 2019

For more information about the Dar El Salam Foundation, please visit http://darelsalamfoundation.org/

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Should you have any questions or clarification, please contact Adnan Khan on 0203 900 1223 ext 305 or email adnan@darelsalam.co.uk