The Best of Turkey

This summer, Qalam Institute & Dar El Salam will be offering an opportunity to spend 6 days in Turkey, a mix of the east and the west. Learn about the rich heritage and faith tradition you are a part of. As you pray in mosques that are hundreds of years old and walk the charming streets and marketplaces, take in the beautiful scenery, culture, and delicious cuisine of one of Islam’s most historic regions.

The program will consist of 6 days in Istanbul and Bursa: The first 3 nights will be spent in Istanbul, the second 2 nights in Bursa, and the last night spent in Istanbul. Each tour and city will bring a unique flavor to the program while carrying the consistent thread of enriching education, growth, and companionship throughout our stay.

Best of Turkey Land & Air

Departing July 22, 2017 - Returning July 29, 2017


Breakfast included daily!

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Land Only Package - Must Arrive July 23 and return July 29


Breakfast included daily!

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For group meet and assist and transfer (included in package) registrants must arrive between the hours of 10 AM and 1 PM on July 23, 2017 and depart on July 29, 2017 between the hours of 6 AM and 9 AM. Arrival and departure at all other times will be subject to an individual meet and assist and transfer and an additional charge.

Spiritual & Historic Tour

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Few other cities in the world blend the history and cultures of the east and west without stepping out of character. Today you step off the plane and into the tapestry that is Istanbul. Revel in the moment. Upon your arrival you will find a friendly DST representative awaiting to chauffer you to your hotel. Freshen up and get ready to be immersed in a session of spiritual enrichment through a study of hadith with Ustadh AbdelRahman Murphy. Get to know your Qalam family on this journey before hitting the town! There are no formally planned excursions on arrival day, so feel free to explore and wander the streets of Istanbul…the city of two continents.


Let’s hit the sites! Today is your day to  capture memories in every single landmark Istanbul visitors come to brag about. The city itself is modern and classic; from electric cable cars to cobblestone streets, Istanbul is a place like no other. Among the most unique characteristics of the city you will see a skyline of domes and minarets. Istanbul sits on the Bosphorus creating a majestic scene of lush rolling city hills tapering off to the edge of the sea. This tour highlights the Islamic Heritage of the city with sites such as the Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Sarayi) – the residence of Ottoman sultans for almost four centuries – and the Aya Sophia – the legacy of both the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires. You will also have the opportunity to tour the famous Blue Mosque!


Enjoy a half-day tour cruise on the Bosphorus. The Bosporus or Bosphorus, known as the Istanbul Strait, is a strait that divides the European part (Rumelia) of Turkey from its Asian part (Anatolia). However, the Bosphorus is so much more than just a body of water separating two land masses! Throughout history it has been coveted for its strategic location and perhaps is the reason the Ottoman Empire located its main administrative center, the Dolmabahçe Palace on its shores. Take in these amazing historic offerings by boat and as we tour the grand palace.


After 3 nights in iconic Istanbul, we will visit Bursa. A little over 200 km from Istanbul, Bursa is much less metropolitan and will give you your first glimpse of life outside the big city. In Bursa, we will explore impressive Ottoman sites such as the Ulu Cami (the largest mosque in Bursa also known as the Grand Mosque) and the Green Mosque. The Green Mosque is said to be one of the best examples of wood and marble craftsmanship and calligraphy in all of Anatolia. Hadith study session tonight will be the perfect time to reflect on all you’ve taken in during this trip.


Explore Bursa today on a mountain cable car and then enjoy the city at your leisure as we stop by the Covered Market for some silk shopping.


Today is your last full day in Istanbul so take in as much as this beautiful scenery as you can! Enjoy Jumua prayers in the Blue Mosque you’ve already become familiar with. Perhaps today is your last day to get in the rest of the shopping you’ve been wanting to do. After spending the remaining day roaming Istanbul at your own leisure, we will wrap up the trip on high spiritual note with a study from the start of this Islamic legacy you’ve experienced.


After a week of unforgettable memory-making it’s time to return home. Once you are home safe, we highly recommend you start planning for your next trip with Qalam and DST!

What this trip includes: 

  • Upon arrival and departure within listed time-frames: Meet and Assist by DST representatives in Istanbul Airport and bus transport from the airport to the hotel and back
  • 4 full day tours in Istanbul & Bursa visiting the historic sites including transportation and knowledgeable English speaking guides
  • Check-in assistance by our representatives in hotels
  • 24-Hour assistance from on-the-ground DST representatives