November 16, 2018

No room for error

Chop and Change

Quite often people want to change their Hajj program by arriving later or cutting the program short by a day or two at the end for various reasons such as work commitments or needing to get back to family.  Where possible we do our best to accommodate your needs to ensure the program is the best fit for you, however, it’s not as simple as easy as it seems.  In fact, it can be quite difficult. Read on to understand why.

Room for Manoeuvre

Rooms during the Hajj season are sold in blocks with each hotel having a slight variation as well as Makkah and Madinah differing between one another.  An example would be that the rooms in Makkah are generally sold as the following blocks 25 Dhul Qidah (DQ) – 4 Dhul Hijjah (DH), 4 DH – 14 DH and 14 DH – 20 DH. This helps to control check in and check out which is great, however, the downside is you usually have the entire hotel checking in and checking out on the same day, which results in a much later check in than we are typically accustomed to. Imagine a hotel like the Fairmont Makkah Royal Clock Tower, which has over 70 floors and on 4 DH has over 1400 rooms checking out and 1400 rooms checking in. That’s a lot of rooms to check, clean and process for checking in and checking out and can be an operational monster.

In summary, during Hajj, you have a hotel room as part of your package and that room is bought for that full duration of the block and not on a per night basis. Therefore, if you don’t want to utilize some of the nights, we don’t get a reduced rate or refund from the hotel and if we don’t get a reduced rate or refund then unfortunately, we don’t have anything to pass onto our customers : (

If you want to enjoy the bliss of Madinah and want to amend your package to arrive a day earlier and add a night to your Hajj package, the same rule apply – we can’t buy that room for just one night and have to buy that room for the entire duration of whichever block it falls into.  There is a millennial here that will go on to one of the many hotel booking sites and send us a snippet of a hotel available for that one night – that’s the rare exception and not the rule. Additionally, sometimes hotels just forget that they left their allotment open on booking sites all the way through the Hajj season and when they do realize that there is a booking they will simply cancel it and refund you your money. Not an ideal situation.


No room for error

As the world’s largest privately own Hajj company, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction (98% of customers said they would recommend us, based on our Hajj 2018 feedback survey) and as an organization adopt a ‘no room for error’ policy when it comes to customer satisfaction.  We will go to great lengths in assisting our pilgrims to get the experience they want.  We cannot guarantee room changes, but we can assure you that will do our best to accommodate any changes that you request. Sometimes it will work out and at other times it won’t, but we will keep clear communication with you, so you know exactly where you stand and can work with us to ensure a pleasant and fulfilling Hajj experience.

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