“And complete the Hajj and Umrah for Allah …” (Qur’an – Al Baqarah:196)

On the authority of Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (May Allah be pleased with him): “The Messenger of Allah (Ample peace and blessings be bestowed upon him) said, ‘Keep on doing Hajj and Umrah, for they eliminate poverty and sin just as the bellows eliminate impurities from iron and gold and silver.’” (Tirmidhi: 810, Nasa’i: 2631)

The goal of every Muslim is one and the same: the pleasure of Allah. It is a goal that is simple yet extremely profound, a goal that is expressed in a few words but that is actualized through an entire life’s journey. A Muslim spends their entire life answering the call to Allah in order to achieve this goal. One of the most beautiful and important calls that the Muslim answers is the invitation given to them directly from Allah: the call to the sacred city of Makkah for the rites of Hajj. It is a call that is specific to the one fortunate enough to receive it as an guest of the Most Merciful. To serve this honored guest of Allah in the best way possible has been the goal and mission of Dar El Salam for over 30 years. To give the one who has come for Hajj the highest quality service that allows them the peace of mind to focus on the purpose of their journey has made Dar El Salam the highest quality and number one agency for Hajj and Umrah in North America. The pleasure of Allah is in serving the guests of Allah for His sake and accommodating their needs. Each package we have designed with great care reflects this mission of Dar El Salam and is your first step in answering the call to the House of Allah for this journey of a lifetime.

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