Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AsSalaamu 'alaykum Sr Dalia,
As I indicated during our phone conversation, we really enjoyed our Umrah trip. Alhamdulillah, the arrangements were excellent, and the staff there were very courteous. So thank you very much for all your patience and excellent service.

There was, however, one hiccup, and it did contribute some serious stress to our first three days in Madinah. This was that our bags (three of them) did not get to us when we arrived in Jeddah. Etihad Ariways confirmed that the bags did arrive in Jeddah, so the only possibility then was that the bags must have been taken to the wrong terminal in the airport (as we were taken to the Hajj terminal). Br. Mohammed Saleem there, who was very helpful, said he would send them to us in Madinah as soon as they surfaced. But we did not get them during our 3 and half days stay in Madinah. My wife and I had to endure with the bare minimum for that time. Alhamdulillah it went off alright. When we finally arrived in Makkah the night of July 4, we learned that the bags had been found, and Brother Mohammed Saleem spoke with me from Jeddah and said he could send them by ground transportation for a fee of 150 Saudi Riyals. When I asked him why we would have to pay for something that was not really our fault, he explained that the process in Saudi Arabia was not very clear. I asked Br Mohammed Saleem if I could get a receipt for the payment so I could maybe get it reimbursed by the airline, but he said he could not give me one, and then went on to explain that the other choice was to leave the bags in charge of the Saudi airport authorities. But we were so relieved to hear the bags were found, that we just agreed to pay the fee. And mashaAllah he delivered the bags in great shape. Please do not mistake me here - we really do appreciate the excellent service Br Mohammed and his staff gave us. However, I wanted to put in a request to see if we could salvage the 150 SAR since it was not really our fault in the first place. Whatever you can do towards this would be great.

Again, thank you for all your fantastic service. We look forward to using it again, inshaAllah.

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