Thursday, March 08, 2012

Alhamdulillah this Umrah trip through Darelsalam was as gr8 as was my Hajj trip back in 2008 with Darelsalam. Brother Mohamed taufeek in Madinah and Brother kamal in Makkah were really nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend Darelsalam to my friends like I have been doing it since my Hajj trip. Last but not least u have been really really helpful during the process specially u went above and beyond to create this customized package for us. May Allah reward u for the effort JazakAllah khairan. We were provided taxi for trip between Jeddah madinah and madinah-Makkah. Both drivers ver courteous. I skipped mazaraat so I cannot comment on it. Hotel accommodations were gr8.

I would like to mention couple of things which can be really helpful for the folks who are going for Umrah for first time.
1) if u can let people know in advance that they will be landing on hajj terminal instead of north terminal people can prepare accordingly. At the time of hajj Darelsalam folks were waiting just outside the terminal. This time no one was out there and we didn't know that we need to keep walking till we reach the road where representatives were waiting and they were not Darelsalam folks instead they were darul-Iman folks. Of course not knowing this I was a lil scared of handing them my passport or going with them. in short no one from Darelsalam was present at Jeddah airport to receive us.  

JazakAllah khairan.


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