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Sr Rahima is with Dar El Salam Travel, and we have used their services for 13+ years for various Hajj and Umrah packages.Alhamdulillah, their service has been excellent, and they always deliver whatthey commit to or more. We used them most recently for our Umrah trip this past December-January.


JazakommulahKhair for everything.We thoroughlyenjoyed our Umrah trip and thank you guys for making it possible.Everythingwas very good and we did not face any major issues throughout the trip.Hotelarrangements at both places were very good.Thanks again.

Majid khan

Gazacom Allah Kher sister Rahima. We have had outstanding experience withDar El Salam and we are already passing our recommendations left and right.

Mohamed I Salem

First, I want to thank you Dar El Salamfor enabling us to perform Umrah.We pray that Allah (SWT) reward theentire organization for their efforts.I am humbled at the opportunity toprovide feedback on the recent Umrah trip. The support from staff based in NY wasvery good.The staff provided timely responses to any questions andfollowed-up

Abdul Naim

Wswrwb jzkkhair, Nahidit was great trip Alhamdullilah May Allah SWTgive reward here and hereafter to you and everyone who took part in this trip ameen We enjoyed alot, and kids were happy too.Alhamdulillah may Allah SWT give us chance again and again to go with this kind ofspiritual trips ameen Wa Alaikum Assalam


We thoroughlyenjoyed our Umrah trip and thank you guys for making it possible. Everythingwas very good and we did not face any major issues throughout the trip. Hotelarrangements at both places were very good. Thanks again.

Thanks for your kind remarks. I justreturnedwith my son after performingUmrahwith Dar elSalam and have absolutely no complaints. I found both NY staff and local staffat Madinah ,Makkah and Jeddah very professional andhelpful. Theytried their best despite this being the heaviest travel season. I would like toconvey especial gratitude toNY

Bushra Khan

The servicereceived in USA was cooperative, supportive and above all very prompt.Ihad become nervous as it was my first time, and the fact that I received thepassport just a few days before the travel date made me tense.However,it appears that this is a normal procedure and I had nothing to be alarmedabout.Most importantly, the people in


Thanksfor your best wishes and dua, indeed we had wonderful time in Madina al Munwaraand Makkah. I sincerely appreciate your efforts in making our stay in Madina alMunwara so comfortable and very enjoyable all the way Alhumdulillah. Darel Salam has the highest standards and their staff is responsive and made sureall the guest

Mohammed Hussain

Pleaseaccept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the most outstanding servicesprovided by one and all at each and every point. We are obliged and Thank ALLAHSWT for the presence of Dar El Salam. The staff here in NY and in Saudi aremost professional, compassionate and so very eager to help. Many a times eachone is willing and does

Anwarullah Khan

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