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Thank you for completing the registration. May Allahu Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala reward you for your intention to perform Hajj and may He grant you ease in this journey.

What’s next?

Your registration should be followed-up with a deposit to Dar El Salam which will confirm your space for Hajj. The Initial Deposit amount is $5,000 per person.

Please make a check as follows and mail to:

ATTN: Accounting

Dar El Salam

280 Madison Ave, Suite 500

New York, NY 10016

What happens after payment?

After payment is received, we will send you a welcome package by email that includes your invoice, tentative itinerary, visa application, as well as all required documentation and additional information required from you.

When is the next payment due?

Due within 7 days of booking: Initial deposit of $5,000


Thank you for traveling with Dar El Salam

We look forward to serving you during Hajj this year, may Allahu Suhanahu Wa Ta’ala help us all to gain His pleasure.

Dar El Salam Team

List of required documents for your Hajj Visa: